The case of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial was open and shut. President Trump told a lie — a big lie — that the election was stolen, and that he was the rightful winner. He laid the groundwork for this big lie in the months before the election, he told the big lie on election night, and he repeated the big lie more than 100 times in the weeks afterwards. He summoned his supporters to Washington, assembled them on the Ellipse, whipped them into a frenzy, and directed them at the Capitol.

And then he watched, as the violence unfolded…

Across the country, President Trump and Republicans are doing everything they can to undermine the election and suppress voting. This isn’t a new development, unfortunately — the Republican Party has been fighting for decades to disenfranchise Americans from voting because they can’t win with their ideas and policies. Right now, the Republicans are suing to stop the expansion of voting by mail; to limit the use of ballot drop boxes; and to prevent opening of needed polling places. Even more alarming, President Trump has repeatedly refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election in…

Celebrating Black History Month
Celebrating Black History Month
Celebrating Black History Month

During Black History Month in February, and every month, we celebrate the diversity of our country and our history, as well as the achievements and the strength of Black Americans in New York and across America.

Since its beginning in 1976, Black History Month has provided our country the opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of the African American community — as well as acknowledge how much further we have to go as we work to create a more just and equal United States.

This Black History Month, it was important to me to highlight some of the amazing legacies…

Over the past month, evidence has emerged that the President of the United States pressured a foreign leader to investigate one of his leading political rivals.

It is an offense serious enough to warrant a full investigation by Congress, and that is exactly what the House of Representatives has decided to do by beginning a formal impeachment inquiry.

We have a responsibility now to see that all the facts get out, and to consider those facts with the best interests of our country, nothing else, in mind.

When I studied our constitution in high school and college, when we…

I was the first Senator to march in the New York Pride Parade — but I will not be the last.

This weekend, 50 years after the Stonewall riots, I was honored to march past the historic inn during a celebration of pride and courage at the World Pride Parade in New York City. I am so proud to be the first Senator to march in the New York City Pride Parade — but I will not be the last.

Make no mistake that what started 50 years ago is unstoppable today.

This year was particularly special as it was the first year that I marched alongside my daughter Alison and her wife Biz. …

By: Senator Chuck Schumer

On March 7th, 1965, civil rights activists embarked on a 54-mile march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Hundreds set off together, determined to drive change and bring attention to widespread civil rights abuses happening in the deep south.

At Edmund Pettus Bridge, protesters were met with tear gas, billy clubs, and police dogs. State troopers drove through the demonstrators on horses, striking down as they went. Men, women, and children were brutally attacked while spectators cheered.

This day would come to be called Bloody Sunday; an indelible bruise on our nation’s history.

Bloody Sunday would ultimately become the catalyst…

By: Senator Chuck Schumer

This month, Senator Bernie Sanders and I wrote an op-ed that suggested that companies be obligated to invest more in their workers and their communities prior to buying back excessive amounts of their own stock. This is an increasingly common practice that is designed to inflate share value, and it overwhelmingly benefits shareholders and corporate executives. It has also helped lead to a surge in the divergence between CEO pay and that of average workers. In fact, the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio has climbed to more than 300 to 1 when comparing CEO compensation to average salaries in America’s largest companies.

Yesterday, the Republican leader began his speech with a quote of mine. Let me begin with a quote of his: “We’re going to plow right through it.” That’s Leader McConnell, “We’re going to plow right through it.” He was speaking to the Values Voter Summit about serious allegations of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh. “We’re going to plow right through it.”

Does that sound like someone who’s treating these allegations with respect and fairness and evenhandedness? Does it sound like someone who wants to get at the real facts, no matter where they fall? Certainly not…

Access to high-quality, affordable child care is a growing concern for families across the country, especially as the number of working families with young children continues to increase. Today, 65% of children under age 6 have two working parents — more than double the number since 1970. This increased labor force participation has strengthened our economy in many ways, but the resulting demand for child care has made its costs staggering for most families.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, child care is considered affordable if it costs not more than 7% of a family’s income…

The American system of government works best when states are allowed to serve as the laboratories of democracy, as the founders intended. What works best for the citizens of New York, my home state, or Washington may not work for residents of Kansas or Indiana. When it comes to legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, I have long believed that each state should be allowed to implement a system that works best for its residents. After much thought and very careful consideration, I have come to believe that the same is true of legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Much like…

Chuck Schumer

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