What We’re Doing and What You Can Do To Ensure a Peaceful Transfer of Power

Across the country, President Trump and Republicans are doing everything they can to undermine the election and suppress voting. This isn’t a new development, unfortunately — the Republican Party has been fighting for decades to disenfranchise Americans from voting because they can’t win with their ideas and policies. Right now, the Republicans are suing to stop the expansion of voting by mail; to limit the use of ballot drop boxes; and to prevent opening of needed polling places. Even more alarming, President Trump has repeatedly refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election in November. This is an extremely irresponsible and dangerous message from the President of the United States.

Shockingly, in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings this week, Judge Amy Coney Barrett refused to say that President Trump can’t change the date of the presidential election. It’s simple: President Trump cannot do that. And Judge Barrett should be able to say so. Moreover, she should commit to recuse herself from any case that may decide the presidential election. After all, President Trump said that he wanted to confirm a Supreme Court Justice who could potentially help him win a contested election.

All of this is worrying. But here’s the good news: try as he might, President Trump is not a dictator, and Americans will not permit him to be one. Around the country, there are efforts to fight back against President Trump’s attacks on our elections with full force. And if you are as appalled by President Trump’s recent comments as I am, there is still a lot YOU can do to help protect our elections and our Democracy.

Let me tell you about both.

What Are We Doing?

Already, crucial rulings in states including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have knocked back attempts to make it harder for people to ensure their vote is counted.

You can learn more about this work at DemocracyDocket.com.

Second, local election officials, like Secretaries of State and County Boards of Elections, are taking many steps on a bipartisan basis to make it easier and safer to vote. Our elections are managed by local officials — not the federal government or President Trump. Thirty-six states have changed their election procedures to extend deadlines, expand eligibility, or automatically send out applications and/or ballots in an effort to encourage absentee voting and mail-in voting in response to COVID-19.

What Can You Do?

Spread the word: Assure your neighbors, your friends, and your families of the simple truth that vote-by-mail is safe and that our elections are not “rigged.”

Volunteer: If you feel comfortable, volunteer to help staff a local polling site, including on Election Day to make sure that in-person voting is smooth, speedy, and safe.

Vote: Finally — and most importantly — you can make sure to VOTE, and vote early. President Trump cannot stop you from exercising your right to vote. His threats against our democracy can be overcome with more democracy.

There will be an election this November. In fact, it’s already underway. The votes will be counted. It may take a little longer than most Americans are used to. But they will be counted. And the results of the election must be accepted. The peaceful transfer of power must follow.

So vote. Vote early. Vote by mail or vote in person. Your ballots will be counted. Tell your friends, and make sure they have a plan to vote. If you feel anxious, vote as early as you can.

Vote like our democracy is on the line, because it is.

Senate Democrats



Official account of Senator Chuck Schumer - New York’s Senator — @SenSchumer

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Chuck Schumer

Official account of Senator Chuck Schumer - New York’s Senator — @SenSchumer